Off Topic Rules

For any and all talk not related to Tales of Dust.

Off Topic Rules

Postby Benu » Sat Feb 15, 2014 4:23 pm

Welcome to the Off Topic section. Here you are free to talk anything that comes to mind so feel free to explore what comes to mine.

Sorry to say that there are some rules when it comes to posting here.

1) No graphic images, if you think that your subject may contain graphic images better off not posting it at all.

2) You as a poster are responsible for your offsite links. If they contain viruses or link to a spam, porn or graphic site, you may as poster be banned from this subtopic or the forums as a whole.

3) Be respectful to your fellow community members, any flaming, excessive use of vulgar language, or character assassination may be cause to have you ejected from this subtopic or the forums as a whole.
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