Moderator's Choice Awards

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Moderator's Choice Awards

Postby Benu » Thu Feb 13, 2014 5:48 pm

Welcome one and all to the mighty Moderator's Choice Awards. This is where we, the mods, honour what we believe the best contributions to the community for the year. These awards are not subforum specific so this sticky will act as hub those threads we choose to highlight.

With this year being our launch year, prizes will be given to those users who win awards. So please keep this in mind nominees.

Best Roleplay
Funniest Post of the Year
Best Visual Piece
Best Visual Piece (offsite)
Best Written Piece
Best Musical Piece
Best Addition to the Lore
Community Member of the Year

To nominate a post or user, please leave a message on the Nominations 2014 sticky here in the General Discussion Subforum.
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