Worldsetting Rules

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Worldsetting Rules

Postby Benu » Thu Feb 13, 2014 11:34 pm

Welcome to the Worldsetting Subforum!

This is the place where hopefuls wanting to make a mark on the Tales of Dust worldsetting come and discuss. As it stands, the creation process is very open. Most admissions will be considered as long as they follow a set of core setting rules.

1) Magic comes from Mana
2) No God is eternal
3) No establishing whole continents, this project is about collaboration so please do not take on more then you can describe.
4) Any material that is copywriter or belongs to another artist, writer or composer will not be accepted.

As a creator I look forward to seeing what you, as a community, come up with.

Credit for materials added to the Lore will be retained by their original author. However Tales of Dust Studios retains the right to use any submitted work in comic, additional setting development, or for promotion without consent of the original author. If products based on submitted works are produced, royalties will be given to their original authors unless the right to use submitted works for merchandizing has been purchased by Tales of Dust Studios. After the merchandizing rights are purchased, Tales of Dust Studios retains legal ownership of the item and is no longer rquired to pay royalties to it's original author.
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